July 31, 2007 6:00am CST
Have you heard of it it's in loads of our drinks and food that we eat every day, i'm suprised at what is actauly in things we eat here in the UK they are trying to ban this because of the affects this has on people i think it's horrible want to know more about it i haven't read it all yet but take a look..
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• United States
31 Jul 07
Wow that was a great article I did not realize that aspartame was such a problem because so many products are made with it now. I am addicted to diet pepsi and I know that it has aspartame in it instead of sugar. I think from now on I will stick with water and definatley not let my kids eat it. I will also have to start checking the labels to make sure food items do not contain this either. Thank you for posting the article.
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31 Jul 07
well in the UK there is a petition for it to be banned but it hasn't many people supporting it, there are so many ingredients in our food and drinks that are bad for us it's crazy... I would like to know how the cave men and women survived with out all this stuff...
@rsa101 (16718)
• Quezon City, Philippines
31 Jul 07
That is true. I wonder why this sweetener is not yet banned. This ingredient is seen almost all that are sugar free products. If you look at most softdrinks that say they are sugar free or light they all contain aspartame. This kind of sweetener is very much popular since this is quite cheap compared to those that many consider to be safe like Splenda and other alternatives.
• Canada
17 Jan 08
WHO has recognized aspartame as being carcinogenic (something which cause cancer) and yet it's easily available in our markets and FDA still puts a "safe to consume" label on it. Talk about a hypocrite world eh?
• Canada
24 Jan 08
WHO= world health organization
@sophylline (1042)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
Wow, I have not heard of this before. My husband is diabetic and I always buy aspartame, nutrasweet,equal, and so on for his sugar substitute. No wonder they are a lot cheaper than splenda. But how come they are still approved by the FDA? It is a cause for worry. My husband has been using this product for many years now. Well so far I have seen symptoms such as declining memory, headaches, joint pain but I do not know if they are directly associated by these aspartame.
• Canada
31 Jul 07
My mother used to drink diet soda (she still might, I'm not sure) but my Aunt warned her about the stuff. I never liked the taste of it anyway, I really don't even like regular soda... so I never drank the diet crap. I'm glad I didn't.