did you encounter god in your life?

August 1, 2007 12:49am CST
please share to me and to other how you encounter god.
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@chas621 (38)
• Philippines
1 Aug 07
we can encounter God.We will noticed that in the bible Jesus always went to a mountain for a prayer and in the Book of Mark 9:1-8 ( this is the story of transfiguration ), peter and the other 2 disciples encountered God . For me we can encounter God when we go to the mountain,the mountain that im pertaining to is the presence of God - choose an appropriate place for you which u cannot be disturbed and just enjoy reading the bible and you will notice in the midst of your reading there are some words that will rhema to you and thats the start the you will encounter God personally. Actually if we are aware of the presence of God we can encounter God everyday.. but the best Place to encounter God is you go the Mountain. Hope it will help
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@flowerchilde (12518)
• United States
1 Aug 07
...I was very hurt and wounded from a very harsh childhood (my first memory is of my head being forcibly held under water). By time I was in my early 20's I found myself thinking, surely there's more to life than pain and the daily grind. I started researching world religions, and also astrology.. then one day I was in the beautiful foothills of Colorado just sitting there, and it seemed as tho I could see a thought drift towards me across the very blue sky, and it hit me in the head! What the thought said was "you've been learning about all the forces at work in the universe, what of the force that created the universe? and what if that force has consciousness?" And like a light bulb turning on, I thought (and felt) "God!" - Well, my life changed from right then. Also I had been studying meditation and my mental symbol for that had been an eight rayed star. One day shortly after the foothills, I picked up a bible tract someone had left in the post office. It was titled "God's great plan of salvation" and I read it over four times before I understood what it said. And each time would pray.. and the 4th time prayed, "can this be true for me?" Then the sun streamed into the living room where I was, through just an inch wide gap in the curtains as it (the sun) was setting over the mountains in the west. It shone through the inch, and across the room, and filled the off television screen with a perfect eight rayed star.. well, as far as miracles go, it's tiny, but I knew He was answering me... Joy and peace filled my 'soul' and from then on I read my bible and seek (and listen to) God in the quietness, for 30+ years. Just recently the title of the tract I read has taken on deeper significance "God's GREAT Plan of Salvation" as I am realizing (being taught) that His Great plan of salvation will be far more victorious than man has previously thought or dreamed.. [Which I can't help but mention around here, from time to time]. God bless you!:)