Would you invite your ex to your wedding

@jodenton (222)
August 3, 2007 7:34am CST
Hello, although I got married a couple of years ago I've been tormented by this question since. My exboyfriend (the boyfriend previous to my husband) and I parted friends and became really quite good friends over the years among a larger group of friends. I wanted all my friends at my wedding and the prospect of inviting them all but him felt very odd....so I asked my fiancee and he said yes but I could tell that he didn't really want him there and in fact nearer the time said he didn't want him there but knew it was too late to change things by then. I've often felt guilty about this so was wondering what you guys thought about it?
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
3 Aug 07
I think it depends on what type of EX he is. I mean, if you were just flirting and he became your boyfriend but both thought it better to be friends then it's ok to invite, because nothing really serious had occurred between the two. But if he's the type of guy who you have already thought of marrying, or both had talks of marriage before, then maybe it's best not to. I don't mean to sound so mean, yeah you can invite your friends. But how'd you feel if your fiance would invite his ex whom he had talked to you about how much he loved before or did things with her? So I guess it depends on the situation. For me, I had someone in my life before, who recently go married. I loved him and considered him as someone I'd marry someday. My partner knows about it. But if ever I got married, I would let him know but I would not send him an invitation. I don't want my hubby to be uncomfortable, nor would I want to have sudden confusion about my feelings for him (even if there aren't anymore, you can't help but think "what if" he was the one). So there, it depends. But regardless if the hubby agrees. We all know deep down inside, he agreed because he loves and trusts you. =)
• Macedonia
3 Aug 07
why not visit him ? if he`s normal (i mean not crazy) invite him personally and do your job if he disagree continue your life...he was part of your life so he can continue or not