Fly Killing Tip

United States
August 4, 2007 9:58am CST
I know this is kind of random but after writing something like this as a response to someone's discussion I thought it would make a good discussion of it's own. So are you having trouble killing those annoying flies? Here is a good technique: Wait for it to stop somewhere, to eat or do whatever flies do, preferably on a flat surface. Very slowly Move your hand about 3 ft. directly on top of it if it is parallel to the ground (on a table/counter or something). If it is on a window or wall, very slowly move your hand the same distance away but parallel to the window. Again very slowly move your hand towards the flie, flies are pretty stupid so the slower you are the easier they lose interest and forget about you. So you should move your hand unil it is very close and then smack it as fast as you can. The fly will attempt to escape of course but in order to "fly" away it has to take of vertically, so the closer your hand is to the bug, the easier you will kill it. My science teacher told the class about it once, it seems to work for me every time. I guess you might not want to do this if you mind fly mess on your hand.
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
4 Aug 07
Im not that patient, I tend to just grab for the fly spray and give it swimming lessons, they cant swim and drown..