how to get along with children?

August 5, 2007 7:27pm CST
Now I am enjoying my holiday now,and lots of time I just stay at home,my mum always makes me look after my niece,I knew which is a difficult job for me,but the fact,which is far more difficult than my imagination.She always hsa so many questions and so many things she is interested in.I feel crazy with her lots of time.She is just 3 years old and I can't help shouting to her sometimes,she is so noisy and naughty.I don't know whether I need to suffer her or not. what's more,I don't want to spoil her at all.Anyway she is pretty lovely.Heheheeee...
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@brand4less (1061)
• Indonesia
19 Aug 07
for truth i also kinda worry with those to get along w/children.i'm a single child and have no experience handling one.but i'm pregnant i hope i can have a better experience starting with my own child :)) have a nice day!
@cripfemme (7715)
• United States
6 Aug 07
I love kids and I always end up watching friends' kids if they get stressed. I'm a good babysitter or auntie if I do say so myself.
@madzie09 (279)
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
children at that age can sometimes be irritating but they're just sprited little ones.. :) why don't you try to ask her to sit with you and tell her story..some story that would keep her from being too for example, "one day there was a very naughty princess who never listens to her aunt, she keeps on doing things she's not suppose to do..then one afternoon her aunt fell asleep because she got tired of looking after the naughty princess, a witch came by and......." well you know stories that can make them behave..or try to bribe her with treats..just tell her that if she behaves and stop asking too many questions you'll give her a surprise gift later or on christmas.. children although naughty can be handled...the bribe thing :)