Are we becoming a surveillance society?

August 6, 2007 3:39pm CST
Do companies hold too much personal information? Business and public bodies must take the security of personal data more seriously after a number of "unacceptable security breaches" over the last year, says a watchdog. Are you concerned about what companies do with personal information? Have you been a victim of identity theft? What are your top tips for keeping your personal data safe?
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@derek_a (10902)
7 Aug 07
I think companies out to take more care with IDs of its companies. Not so long ago here in the UK, sensitive information was found unshredded in a bank's trash. I would hope that security has been tightened since it has been brought to the attention of the media. CCTVs - I have mixed feeling on these - they are wathing eveybody all the time. I've got nothing to hide, but there's something weird if suddenly you notice one of these cameras pointing right at you. In our city, there used to be a lot of crime, but because of the CCTVs in and around the city centre, it has become a much safer place. So overall I suppose they have been of benefit. :-)
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@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
7 Aug 07
Forget about companies, your life is an open book on the internet. Go to and you can find just about anyone. That is where they need to start putting a stop to personal information being on display. I think for the most part companies just want to be aware of the people they are hiring or dealing with. But everybody in the free world can get access to your information on the internet for free. They have my aunties birth year on there and much more information no charge. You talking about somebody upset, she was fit to be tied. But, then when she finally calmed down and accepted it, she had me look up a few of her long lost friends that she wanted to reconnect with. In searching I would say that I had a 95% success rate. And we are talking full name, number and address free of charge. Check it out for yourself, you will be shocked.
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@ninsensei (232)
7 Aug 07
Yes, especially the UK. C'mon, CCTVs everywhere.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
2 Sep 07
I think we are that society but I guess it is not a bad idea at all if that information is used in a good intention and not used to harm the person in anyway at all.