Why do women want to throw everything away?

United States
@DanaMark (807)
August 7, 2007 10:06am CST
Last night while my son was here, my wife was going through some things that we have stored from when our son was growing up. She found an equalizer that he had as part of his car stereo system back in his younger years. He said it didn't work anymore, so she said, "Then we can throw it out?" His immediate response was, "No, I'll see if Keith can fix it." She brought in some other things she thought we could throw away. Our son ended up taking them all home with him. I think he realized if they stayed here much longer they would end up in the garbage. Now they are over at his place so his wife will probably will want to throw them out. Why is it that women want to throw our all our stuff? Don't they understand that we might need it some day? So it is obsolete, or doesn't work anymore, or we haven't used it in years. It might be good for parts someday. And where else would people get all the stuff to have estate sales? lol.