Anyone have any chatroom boot codes for any chatrooms and not just Yahoo?

@Sinbadd (126)
United States
August 8, 2007 5:40am CST
I have been chatting in chatrooms online for a few years and along the way I have run into a lot of nasty and annoying people not to mention just out and out rude people. Some of hese people have been moderators(like police in chatrooms) with special authorive powers to be able to boot people out of the chatrooms if they become too abusive. Now a lot of these so called moderators have abused their authority and just boot people that they didn't like and just let their friends do what they like in the chatrooms. I have been the recpient of this kind of abuse one too many times and I am now looking for a way to do it back to these moderators and get some of my own back. Can anyone out there help me? I know that there is a lot of bootcodes you can get for Yahoo chat but I would like a boot code you can use in any chatroom. I would much appreciate it if someon out there could help me.
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@owlwings (39887)
• Cambridge, England
8 Aug 07
Boot codes are illegal and nasty. You are subscribing to the culture you despise if you think of using them. There are plenty of chatrooms and if you don't like one - or they don't like you - you can go to another.