how much u pay internet for a full day access?

@SanTosa (134)
August 8, 2007 4:51pm CST
$ US convert please!
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@owlwings (40036)
• Cambridge, England
29 May 08
I just checked my bill and was appalled! I pay £34.20 ($68 USD) a month for a phone/internet package, of which £18 ($36 USD) is for 2Mb Broadband. The actual speed I achieve is hardly ever anything like 2Mb, by the way! That makes my daily use of the Internet (24 hours, whether or not I am crazy enough to be on it that long!) nearly 60p ($1.16 USD) a day! My problem is that I am on cable for both phone and Internet and to take advantage of much cheaper deals with ADSL, I would have to install a conventional phone line. This would cost me around £100 ($200) and I would certainly consider it if I were planning to stay in this house. I hope to alleviate this charge somewhat by posting on MyLot and also by using MySearchFunds as my search engine. This pays me, currently, around 4 cents for every search I do (more, if I have a number of referrals who are also earning from their searches). I figure that if I do 28 searches a day, which I can easily do anyway, researching material for articles, blogs, MyLot and other things, I shall have paid for my connection. That can't be bad! If you haven't come across MySearchFunds, see the banner on my profile.
@vishwas81 (359)
• India
9 Aug 07
I have use a 2MBps connection I pay $0.5 for whole day access. download is at about 256 Kbps
@pismeof (855)
• United States
8 Aug 07
Depending on the type of access ,features and speed that you may be looking for the range can be between 10 dollars a month to about 35 dollars a month.Which would equate to roughly 30 pennies to 1 dollar and ten cents a day.For internet access.