People I would like to meet

By Glen
@glenniah (1201)
Mandurah, Australia
August 9, 2007 6:32am CST
My first choice is Nelson Mandela. I would like to discuss his life with him before, during and after his imprisonment. How have his experiences changed his fight for equality and social justice? Secondly, I would choose Ghandi. I'm not so sure that I would remain as peace loving as he did when he was up against the ruling powers and their treatment of him. Thirdly, on the home front, (Australia) I would choose Peter and Tim Costello. Peter is the Liberal Party Treasurer and his brother Tim is a Pastor who fights for the rights of people in third world countries who do not have a voice. Talk about cheese and chalk, its hard to believe they both share the same genes. For some light relief I would choose a famous author or an actor, hard to decide who though. Who would you choose to meet, given the choice? Glenniah
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
26 Aug 07
I would like to meet a heretofore unknown relative who is fabulously rich and who would take a shine to me, declare me his/her favorite niece/cousin/aunt/grandchild/distant relative and then write me into his/her will forthwith. The hard part would be finding this relative and then convincing said relative to die so I could inherit.
@glenniah (1201)
• Mandurah, Australia
28 Aug 07
Hello dear Rollo. I know this is your dream but I'm wondering if rather than convince the said distant relative to die quickly, you could wish to have him know you. Just before he passes on, he could add into his will, 'all the money goes to Rollo' my favourite. Then you could just have it without waiting. Just an idea is all. Glenni