Keeping a lid on volume of Music

@zandi458 (27952)
August 9, 2007 11:59am CST
A friend related his unpleasant experience of having to put up with a neighbour who decided to present a drum set to his teenage son. Watching with horror my friend's worst fears were realised. It was the beginning of horrible sounds of boom, bang and clang. He gritted his teeth and tolerated it for a week before talking to the neighbour about the volume of noise but received only a cold shoulder. Totally fed up he turned to the authorities and following that the noise volume turned down temporarily. But that was only for a short period and soon the neighbour's son and friends were up to their noisy tricks again. Do people who profess to enjoy music take great glee in 'torturing' others with their brand of music? Sometimes it makes me wonder whether it's a form of showing off or something. Whatever the motives are don't forget that others who do not enjoy that kind of music or the volume it's played can also take action against noisy actions. It is disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood.
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• Philippines
13 Aug 07
i hate this kind of neighbors reason why we had to move into another apartment because of this..former neighbors had been turning on the volume so loud early in the 5 am they will be up because the kids will have to go to school in the morning and they just cant seem to understand that their neighbors are still sleeping and exhausted to have some rest..they are playing metallic music which is very irritating and you cannot just help it but stand up and go ahead start your day..i always feel exhausted on that place thank god the new apartment is very strict with her policies..whenever they are noisy we just complain and they will just stop getting noisy..
@Lakota12 (42684)
• United States
10 Aug 07
well how do you think BUddy HOlly and some others started was in a garage and they made big buck you might one time say I knew them when! DOnt have that problem here as If I want o listen to my musiic loud I do no complaint for no one is out side to hear it but us lol hugs good luck!
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