being loved and giving out love..... does it require hard work?

August 10, 2007 8:54am CST
there is no greater feeling than being loved and accepted for who you are. When you love, you do not have to set standards. If you think that something is missing with that someone, fill it up and learn to compromise. Love does not end when you know the other person loves you. it is a continuous process of learning and maturing. It is not being two halves becoming whole, it is being two wholes merging as one to be greater and better... i learned so much and i am loving it!!!
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• Philippines
10 Aug 07
being loved? the good side: - yea true its such a nice feeling.. the warmth is there.. you feel your importnant and the like.. the bad side: - you cant do anything you want, specially the things youve been up before.. certain things tend to have limits and youre limited as well with what you "must" do accordingly to your partner.. giving out love? the good side: -you let your partner feel they are special.. your concerns give your partner warmth in his/her heart that no one can.. and you give happiness to him/her.. and all the good things and the like.. the bad side: -too much of you MUST be sacrifice, you can't say you have loved if you didnt sacrificed any.. it may be your time for yourself, a time for your friends, or a time for anything that you usually do when you're still single.. love - feeling loved is good - but its letting your happiness be at risk..
• India
10 Aug 07
That's great... to love and to be loved require effort. I think love is a dynamic relationship and one must keep on working to make it work... it may sound so strainge, but love without effort will one day collapse. It will lose its colour and wither gradually. Keep loving and you will be loved!