how often did you open your bible.

bible - reading a bible
August 10, 2007 10:01am CST
I read my bible everyday,Im so really bless while reading my Bible before going to bed.
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@jainaewen (170)
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
i read my bible everyday, its really great to give us wisdom and more
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• United States
10 Aug 07
I try all that I can to open my bible everyday. What is neat is that I have a computer program that includes three versions of the Holy Bible. I like to read and re-read chapters and verses that I feel are relevant to the day at hand. For instance, if I feel down, then I read certain verses from the bible that have the ability to pick me up. If there is a certain international crisis or domestic incident that the bible relates to, then I look at the bible and try to compare what God says about the particular situation. I enjoy the bible immensely. There is a somewhat newer bible out called the Archeology Bible. I think that particular version is so important as it takes you through the land of milk and honey. Thanks for a great discussion.
@ssh123 (31104)
• India
11 Aug 07
I am a Hindu, soevery day we read the scripture book. We have a book called BHAGAWD GITA which explains A to Z of human activity and give guidelines. Thanks for introducing a nice topic.
• Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
13 Aug 07
Yeah, reading the Bible had been a very difficult task these days becoz of work and other activities. I do have a medicayion with a DAILY BREAD which halp me have a verse per day with a spiritual lesson For sure that, iam not reading it now, iam losing a lot. Pray for me that I catch up on that Mermoz
@flowerchilde (12520)
• United States
11 Aug 07
Yes, I love to read it everyday! But I like to read it a little slow.. so I can really absorb what I'm reading.. so two or three short times a day works best for me.. blessings!
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
10 Aug 07
I read it every day. I have Esword on my computer, and I read one chapter in the morning and one chapter before I go to bed. That does not count Sundays since I also read it in services, twice, and every second Tuesday from Fall to Summer, any special occasions coming up and when I am looking where a certain verse or subject is mentioned as I am better visually than remembering the correct chapter and verse.