Burden of school children !

@subathra (3520)
August 10, 2007 8:55pm CST
school kids with bags  - burden of kids
Communucation and technology have reduced the world into a small place. It appears to be 200 countries in one village.There was a time if we wanted to go to England it took 22 days to reach the destination. Now it is possible to reach England within 8 hrs. Who knows, it might be reduced to 4 hrs time to come. The advancement of science has not reduced the burden of carrying of books on back of kids here in India.It is very unfortunate to know some schools have incresed the load of books. If you happen to see the kids carrying a heavy bag,a bottle of water and lunch box you feel pathetic for them. On returning from schools the kids are not allowed to rest or play. Instead the the parents keep their kids occupied in writing home works.What is this home work? Rewriting the lessons already taught in the class.sometimes teachers gives excess of homework and the children dont even find time to revise lessons instead spend time in writing.Off course it will be interesting to see the parents feeding the children while they write home work.It shows the lack of time..am i right??? The educated people time to time discuss sitting across the table that there should be a change in the system of education.they keep their discussions in black and white for some one to take step to materialise the plans. In my opinion instead of changing the system, theymust introduce computers to schools so that the kids go to schools with little study materials and learn everything in the computers.What they learn should be stored in computers. Let the kids say goodbye to home work.I wish to see them in the playgound in the evening atleast for a little while.It would be a excercise as well as entertainment for them. Do you agree with me? if yes, why? and if No, why? I would like to know is this burden of carrying books existing in other countries too.