Does Anyone Keep Track of All Their Daily Spending?

United States
August 13, 2007 3:38pm CST
I am trying very hard to stick to a budget. We are $36,000 in debt (down from $44,000) and we trying to pay off all our debts as quickly as possible. So, we have come up with a budget and I am trying to track all of our daily spending so I can tally each category and make sure we are staying within our budget. I do use an envelope system with cash for the following categories: grocery, take-out (pizza 1 night a week), spending money (weekly amount for hubby and myself), auto maintenance, home maintenance, vacation (for summer day trips), gifts, and kid's clothing. I find that sometimes I buy things from multiple categories, like when I go to Walmart I may pick up some groceries, a gift, and some clothes for the kids. Then I find it difficult to transfer money between the envelopes if I don't have the right change. Also, I might buy something on line, and then I move the money to an envelope to deposit back into the checking account - but it all seems so complicated! And I seem to be messing it up all the time! Just wondering if anyone has some advice on a good way to track daily spending to stay on a budget??
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@mistissa (1348)
• Netherlands
22 Aug 07
You have made a good start using the enveloppe system. But also keep track of what you spend and what it was that you spend it on. Maybe you can do multiple categories and use different space in your wallet for different categories. That way the money does not get mixed up
• Atlantic City, New Jersey
22 Aug 07
I was horrible about sticking to a budget until I signed up for bill pay through my credit union and bank. Now I pay my bills using my debit card or online through my checking account and see the money deducted. I can go back as far as 6 months and see all my expenditures and copies of all cleared checks are available as well. I bank through Sun National and can always see my spending online when using my debit card- the money is automatically deducted- therefore there is no guessing on what you spent at the grocery store yesterday or 7-11 last night :)