Do your guinea pigs like to climb?

@Pigglies (9340)
United States
August 13, 2007 11:15pm CST
One of my current foster guinea pigs just loves climbing and jumping on top of anything. She'll jump on top of her pigloo, her wooden house, and she'll run up and down the ramp to her loft all day long. Her roomie finally caught on about the ramp to the loft, but she's still my only current crazy jumper. I hope whoever adopts the pair will build them a cage with a loft and lots of things to climb up and jump on. If you think your guinea pigs might like climbing, I learned how to build the loft for my cage on this site: It was actually really easy and hardly cost me a thing.
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@fawcey (928)
• Australia
24 Aug 07
Yes both mine like to climb up their ramp on to there log up onto the top of their house and then jump down, they do circuits like this almost like they a having a race. They are always on top of there house and everytime one of us walks past the stretch right out there noses up in the air as if to say pat me pat me, and of course most times we do. It is hard to say no to them. When they no foods coming one of them almost stands up, it looks so weird. That is the main jumping one to, he jumps of his house and even back up on top again with out using the ramp sometimes.
@Pigglies (9340)
• United States
25 Aug 07
That's what these two seem to be doing, having a race.
22 Oct 07
Well mostly mine are fat and lazy haha but adorable but one I did manage to train to jump up the steps and he can go fast now! Maybe not a good idea lol