How many people do you think you interract w/ in a day?

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
August 15, 2007 4:20pm CST
10? 20? 50? 100? There are 100 little nit-noy things that we must navigate through in a veritable obstacle course of people and distractions that can lead away from the tasks which you need to complete. Think back over one of the last three days, what did you do throughout the day? Did you meet anyone new, make any new friends, catch the name of aqn aquaintance whose name you never knew? How many faces passed through your line of sight today. Morning, get up, get dressed, People:spouse/sig other, children, parents or siblings, housekeeper/babysitter, did you say hi to the neighbor when you went out to fetch the morning paper? Out of the house:Do you stop at a coffee shop or convenience store for coffee in the morning, how many people were in the store? Did you know any of them? Work/Play (daytime) coworkers, boss, supervisors, management people, underlings, delivery people, conferences/meetings, in the restroom, breakroom. Possibly salespeople, contact people for accounts that you manage, repairmen, etc. Then there are the people at the grocery store, the gym, the mall, the track, restaraunts, THE LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER!!! I know your now at the point where you're asking, "Ok Sha, what is your point?" The point is, that every minute of everyday, there is a social interraction underlying every single thing that you do, whether it is alone or in a team or group setting. Every man's work hinges upon the work or needs of other people. People rely upon you to get things done from your boss, to children, coworkers, and spouses. Even people who don't know you, whom you may never meet, must trust that you will accomplish all of the tasks that you need to accomplish to get through your day. Then there are the problems that someone else may have created or set into motion which you must sort out as you can. I have people telling me constantly that they are lonely, they are single because they never meet anyone, that they never go anywhere where they can meet people that they may hit it off with. HELLO! I just pointed out to you that everyone deals with people and their issues and their individual quirks every single day of their lives. Why is it so hard for people to find the right person these days? The one who completes them and makes them feel whole. A lover, friend, confidant, etc. etc. Are people just so "thick" skinned now that they fail to seize the opportunities that flow right by them everyday through their stream of consiousness? Are we just fed up with people and so we don't notice that Mr./Mrs. Right is right there in front of you in a line at the drugstore or the convenience store. Is there someone that is perfect for you that works at an office that you frequently visit in the course of your work? How can people continue to blind themselves to the endless parade of possible friends, lovers, and intimates that walk into and out of our lives every single day?
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