what turns you off?

@mistissa (1348)
August 17, 2007 9:27am CST
I just started a discussion about what your turn on is. But I also wonder, what kind of thing really turns you off. The biggest turn off for me is, if a guy is very smelly, or farts the whole time haha
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• Romania
10 Jun 08
A big turn-off for me is when guys are really full of themselves. If you're hot, I'll notice... you don't have to point it out to me. Also, guys that smell bad are a big turn-off!
• Portugal
18 Aug 07
the biggest turn off as to be the smell, im a very sensible girl when its about smells, and the smell of bad cheap cologne gets me nauseous, if the guy doesnt hv the money to buy a good one its better that he sticks with baths and deodorant!! another thing that turns me on is his attitude... if he is behaving like a dorky nerd who is even afraid to look into ur eyes thats a no no!! but if he behaves like he is king of the world and he is way tooo cocky he is a NO NO too! i like bad boys and some attitude is good but i hv my limits! :D i also hate guys with smelly feet! like u go out with him for dinner and the movies and its all good but the minute he takes off his shoes u feel like fainting !!!!! :D
@ckw622 (57)
• Malaysia
18 Aug 07
I get turn off if this lovely girl start to say foul language. I think smelling worst too. Definitely fart is one of the reasons. If she starts to act like a mad woman too will scare me off. There are still many other stuffs that i will tell you all if i recall or if still needed.
@rosie_123 (6118)
17 Aug 07
What turns me off? Well primarily men with tattoos (I absolutely loathe them!), and also body hair on their backs - yeuch!!! I also don't like a man with bad breath or body odour, who doesn't have very good, strong personal hygeine!
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
17 Aug 07
well the thing t}hat turn me off very quickly is a womand that not act like a woman, well you know those girls like uyse flothes like they where boys, uses cap pants, or jeans like raper, uses big shirts, and use words that when you heard the you put this face O_o , becuse one of the most beuty thinks in the universe is the woman body , and if you dont use it correctly you are going the wrong way