M@tt, The greatest Guitar Player i ever Seen

August 18, 2007 6:12am CST
M@tt, a French Guitar player from France, Playing Canon by patchabel, but his own version. Sound So good.
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@Rollo1 (16686)
• Boston, Massachusetts
18 Aug 07
When I first read this, I thought "no way, no one is better than Jerry C" but I youtubed M@tt and his version is superb. It's different, but clever. I took a look at some of his other stuff too and was impressed. He does a wide variety of styles. There are so many new talented guitarists out there but it seems they are lone wolves, years ago they would be the pivotal instrument in a band and gain fame through the band originally and then later for their own talent, like Clapton and Mark Knopfler.
• Canada
18 Aug 07
Today ,, young people are starting Guitar when they're young.. thats why we got a lot of talentued guitar players. By example, M@tt that you can go see on Youtube playing The NEW canon rock , started to play guitar at 7 years old.. so 7 years of training.
@Aghorri (86)
• United States
18 Aug 07
JerryC is not God but is very closely related to him. And this guy M@tt seems to be one of the family too. I think Jerry still wears the crown since he was the one who transposed the original Pachelbel (and he has done some brilliant stuff of his own) but M@tt is very, very good and perhaps has more versatility in that he tackles many different genres of music. What is noticeable if you Search for Canon on YouTube is that there are so many incredibly able guitarists out there. The only way left to separate them is to look at expression - something hard to define but best exemplified by Mark Knopfler. If they can make you feel the music as well as hear the notes, they're good!