To be or not to be?

August 19, 2007 9:01am CST
This is the question, of course we all agree that education is the key to success, but how successful should we be? I am a fresh graduate that's looking for a job and luckily, I have found one and to realize that I just don't want to end up being an employee but I want to have my own business and to think that not all of the successful entrepreneurs managed to have a good education.
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@banta78 (4334)
• India
21 Aug 07
Yeah education is important to gain knowledge and learn new skills and further our career prospects. So one should pursue education and also gain work experience by doing odd jobs. And it is true that not all successful entrepreneurs have had a good education as one needs to have good communication skills, great idea and plan to be successful.
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
19 Aug 07
In a way youre right, but there are positive and negative sides of having your own business... but at least you are the one managing your career. So for me, I prefer habing my on business that working as employee... I guess it is important to have a good education because that is something that cant be taken from you. But there are times that although you are finished with your studies... there are possibilities that you wont be successful as you want to be. Education is just a key ingredients to succeed. If you want to start business then you can do that but there are things that you need to consider if you really want to start your own business like your knowledge about the business and if you are really ready for that. Because if you dont know anything about the business that you will be entering... you have greater chances of failing. You have to learn a lot and while you are doing this... you can stay in the company you are working so that it can support your needs while you are preparing for the business that you want. Like what we did... we have internet cafe. My partner work first before he finally get into the business. One more thing is he works in other internet cafe before so that he will learn some techniques to succeed. Right now our business is doing good... so good luck to you too.
@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
19 Aug 07
As the saying goes, "Great things start from small beginings!"LoL It is up to you to fulfill what you want in your life, if you think you can find better job than your first then go but if you're having second thoughts about it, then take it as just a stepping stone for higher goals to aim!;) Everybody wishes to be somebody someday, these dreams shape our life in the future so make good use of them and it's up to you to make them for a bright tomorrow!;)
@lani0529 (1726)
• Philippines
19 Aug 07
Hello faylinn! Go for your dreams!(",) I know it would not be easy to start a business at this point so I think you should start being an employee the, if you have enough capital you can start your own business. Good luck to you and God bless!(",)
• Kottayam, India
19 Aug 07
why don't try for masters, then you can get more suitable post, if you have time,money and circumstances, may God bless you dear.