how to preserve dried flowers in humidity?

August 20, 2007 1:02am CST
Singapore is a humid country. especially lately as it has been raining. I like to dry fresh flowers that have been given to me. I have a few that are dried to a nice brown colour. however, sometimes i have to throw away my dried flowers when i see specks of mould on them. my guess is that they get mouldy because of the humidity. i'm quite a sentimental person so it makes me sad to have to throw away my dried roses when they become mouldy. does anyone have any idea on how to keep them preserved in a humid climate?
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@ahgong (10064)
• Singapore
23 Aug 07
i face the same problem too. My wife likes flowers a lot and she really treasures the bouquets I buy for her. Whenever I do, she will try to make them last as long as possible before putting them out to dry and try to keep them as mementos. Problem is, like you mentioned, the humid whether always cause the dried flowers to get mouldy. I saw on TV once, Martha Stewards, teaching how to keep the flowers longer. After they are dried, spray a layer of lacquer on them. This is to protect the dry flowers from having contact with the air and moisture to prevent moulding. I have not really tried it yet though. You may want to consider it. ;)
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
20 Aug 07
I think there is an art in drying flowers, I tried some years ago but I wasn't very successful, although I did put a couple of flowers in a big dictionary and many years later someone used it dictionary and found them and they were very well preserved. My neice dried some on the microwave once, maybe someone will be able to help you further, I hope so...
• Singapore
22 Aug 07
thanks for responding! well, I actually just hang them upside down and let them dry in 3D, and not flat. i think the flat ones are easier to preserve, cos they can be laminated.