AW Survey - Any info on this company

United States
August 21, 2007 8:43am CST
Does this company actually pay? I have heard mixed reviews. Comments please. Thanks,
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@elisata (569)
• Netherlands
21 Aug 07
AWS is a scam! You get your sites to review for a couple of days, earning nicely and then they close down your account. A lot of Mylotters have been swindled by them. Okay, if's free, but you do spend your precious time on it... My advice: stay away!!!
@ivyoon (673)
• United States
21 Aug 07
I've been with them for a few months now and took the opening surveys. I've got something like $26 in my account there, but the minimum payout is $75 and they haven't offered anymore surveys. It looks like I'm stuck with getting referrals if I want to make money there... the only problem is... I never refer people to a site that hasn't paid me yet. I don't feel right about getting others to sign up for something when I'm not sure it's even legitimate. My advice would be not to sign up with them. I'm not saying they don't pay... I'm just saying that I've never come across anyone who can say they've been paid by them. If you think you can get a bunch of referrals, go for it... maybe you'll turn out to be the one person who can tell us whether they really pay or not! Good luck to you!
• India
21 Aug 07
O no i just joined it a few days back and earned 27 dollars, so if its a scam thats not mine LOL hhhhmmmm i really dont know but since the two people who responded before me had some experience with AW they will know and i agree even if its free we spend time and tahst lost forever. thank you bringing this up early :)
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
21 Aug 07
hello, well as you said on your post, aw survey have been know to bee and not much trusted site, becuse you rarely receive new offers, and when you reach the payout the most of the time delete your account or tell you your referrals are fraudulent and deny to pay, so i recommend you dont waste your time on that page unless someone post you a proof of payment from the so you can verify the site with your eyes have a good day