What do you think about wireless energy?

Wireless power - This is the future... wireless power helps you a lot. forget cables, chargers, it's easy to use and it will be cheap...
@trickomm (309)
August 24, 2007 7:26am CST
It's a company which make new techology: energy wirelessly. So you can recharge your mobile phone, pda, mp3 player etc. without wire. What do you think? Is it good for us?
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@airakumar (1555)
• India
22 Apr 10
Yes, I have read that wireless energy is a company which make new technology: energy wirelessly. So you can recharge your mobile phone, etc. Wireless transmission is useful in cases where instantaneous or continuous energy transfer is needed but interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible. There's never been a better time to take positive action towards reducing your electricity consumption. With energy prices rising to record levels, small changes in use can make a big difference to your bills.
• Singapore
18 Apr 10
I don't think this is feasible. There must be a medium in which energy are transferred. The reason why we can have wireless network because there's a receiver and transmitter working together to connect us. But there's no such thing as receiving energy through mid-air.
• Canada
8 Dec 07
I love wireless anything! Sometimes it can be a pain if it doesn't work properly. It's always good to have a wire kicking around, especially when it comes to wireless modems. (My laptop is 2 years old, so it might be the problem). Wireless power? That sounds pretty damn cool!
@Ophelia (88)
• United States
15 Nov 07
Recharging things wirelessly? wow! that sounds incredible. I LOVE wireless technology. I think "they" have the answers for us involving this sort of business but "they" want to slowly leak it out to us in order to make more money. SHOOT! lol but we will keep buying... and buying...... and buying.... hahaha but, yes, I love the idea
• Romania
2 Sep 07
Hmmm, very interesting. I think maybe in the future, we can use it to recharge our celphones, how you said. That will be a great technology, but we have to wait much more...
@davido (1623)
• Canada
24 Aug 07
Very Intresting to me!!! i will love to know this company and where they are located and some of there production maybe we can do business together.