Anyone here get panic attacks?

August 24, 2007 10:34am CST
I seem to be getting a phase of panic attacks at the moment. With me my chest seems to close up and I find it hard to breathe normally, but if coincentrate I can relax it all out but it comes back as soon as my attention wanders again. Its so annoying and I wish I coul dfind a way to stop them. Yes life is chaotic but its not really all that bad right now, so I feel very silly for getting this. Anyone else get this and have any good coping strategies?
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@Curt6887 (26)
• United States
24 Jan 08
Nancy have a look at this site about panic attack relief: Good luck to you,
• United States
26 Aug 07
I know excactly how you feel lately ive been Getting them every day and it drives me insane for no apparent reason they just come my doc tries to gives me meds but I refuse to take them ive learned the more you read up on it the better you are at coping with it.good luck hope you get better
@sid556 (31005)
• United States
24 Aug 07
hi there. I am selective mute and the symptoms are almost identical to panic attacks...actually the same, i think. The breathing techniques have helped me alot and also deliberatly doing things that seem to bring them on. Crowds I deliberately put myself in situations where I was around large groups of people. Attention on now I work in the public where I have to face people constantly. As a result the attacks which at one time were a daily part of my life are almost non-existent nowL! It sounds as if you have a healthy attitude. Pinpoint where you are and what seems to bring on the attack and then challenge yourself until you are no longer uncomfortable with it. My daughter has the same thing and I pushed her to do this. At first she hesitated but eventually reached a point where she would try anything and she trusted me as I had been thru it all. It is working for her and what a transformation. She is happier and more confident. You can do it!