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August 24, 2007 8:13pm CST
Recently, i always be told that he lost his love and what can he do. I know the friendship, the family love,but not the love. When i asked a friend who have found her true love . She said to me that love always let people lose their sensible. Lovers always do something to attract the other's attention no matter the thing he did is reasonable or unreasonable. They always quarreled with little things, but never separated. Owning love for a person, is lucky or unlucky?
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@shinnis (55)
• China
3 Dec 07
everything has two coins . Many guys say that he is very happy for being a free single . But this only can be ajudged by his apperance. I always believe all the people need love . They urge for the love . But if he or she truely devotes him or herself into the love river. He or she suffers the danger of being drowning. Only a person himself can save his life from the failure of the love misery. But a person will grow up quickly in the human emotion world . I say a people with a true and brave heart can get the true love and true feelings although he may get hurt. So as me , i would rather choose to love . In the other hand, two people are the different individuals. So we have to face the reality that we may get conflicts during the communications. So the key solution is to seek the ways to get each other loving normarly and let the loving rate higher and higher.Time will get two people love more and also can rescue a hurt heart from the misery and recovery song .But a person with the love story and a person with a blank love paper is totally different . Get something , lose something .Blance and compare that .So make the smart choice.
@wanxuer (20)
• China
10 Nov 07
what is love ?it is a very simple and complet problem.i understood what's love when the moment i met my boyfriend .we fell in love with each other .now i want to say love is a kind of feeling,and love is what you think it is.love is smile,weal,tolerate,hated and so on.when you are happy ,you always feel love is sweet and when you are sad ,sometime you feel it is bitterness. in my opinion owning love for a person is lucky ,because it is your wealth.do you agree with me ?
@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
25 Aug 07
Love will come in the right time, place and the right person, we will just have to wait for it for it will surely come and will complete us.