Are your Clixsense referrals diminishing?

United States
August 25, 2007 7:18pm CST
I have belonged to Clixsense for several months. I find my referrals are cancelling their accounts. I am down to 6 from about 12. I am surprised because I think Clixsense is great - great place to advertise and earn. I get a check every month. What do you think?
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
3 Sep 07
I too, have been with Clixsense for a few months and got a few referrals. However, all but 2 of them have dropped out and I can't understand why, because this is a good site - and we know that they do pay. I have set my minimum payout at $50 because of the fee on the check, and I am now at $24.62, so almost halfway there! I also paid the $10 to upgrade, and it has certainly been worth it. This is one of my favourite sites.
• United States
6 Sep 07
I belong to Clixsense, too, and have, since the early part of this year. I have never upgraded but maybe I should, according to what you've said. I haven't had any referrals, but then I wasn't looking for any, either. I just wanted to do this, by myself. I've about given up trying to convince people to make money, online, because I had a really bad experience with a company named Studio Traffic. I convinced a friend of mine to invest some money in it, and then the owner (of the internet company), took off without a word and left all of us, holding the bag. You can't belive how badly I felt. I will never do that again. Now, I just try things that look promising, and do them on my own. That way, I don't have to feel any guilt, if it fails.
• China
7 Mar 08
I have hear more than one person saying that Clixsense is good ,Maybe I could have a try.
@paidreader (5151)
• United States
7 Mar 08
Hi annkenline. You aren't the only one losing referrals, I've referred about 32 and only 16 are currently active. Referrals come and go so you have to just keep promoting so you can replace the ones that got deleted for inactivity. Keep in mind that the terms state inactives get deleted if no activity within 90 days. If they haven't been on the site to earn a little each day, they don't see much progress & stop visiting the site. Don't worry about these, just continue promoting so you get referrals that are actually interested in earning this way.