August 27, 2007 6:32am CST
Global warming! Is true, it`s happening right now. God`s wrath? Aliens? Government secret? NO! We are responsible for it: gas guzzlers, atomic bombs, industry leaders with no environment protective filters, ridiculous forest exploitations, all of these and many more have almost doomed us to a funky weather. What will come next? How can we stop it and prevent it from happening again?
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
27 Aug 07
Funky weather is normal, the weather is constantly changing. There have always been flash floods, droughts, and odd weather patterns. But they change. Were you aware that the hottest year on record in the US was not 1998 as originally reported, but that a review of the data from NASA actually showed the hottest year on record to be 1934? In fact, four of the top ten hottest years were in the 1930s, this is also the time of the Great Dustbowl. Since this is before the upswing in carbon emissions which the global warming alarmists tell you occurred AFTER 1940, then how is it possible that four of the hottest years occurred before that? Global warming is big business hiding as being anti-business. You can't change the weather. Global warming has gone on for a long time, since the last ice age actually and if it hadn't, I would be living on a huge sheet of ice. If you are interested, I have a blog on the subject, you can find it in my profile.