Word flip (very cool tool i want to share with you all)

August 28, 2007 5:48am CST
Word flip turns letters upside down (vice - versa) like this: flipped words "????s o? ?u?? i loo? ??iu ? s,???? s??sn ?ol?? ll? o?" normal words "to all mylot users here's a nice tool i want to share" go here to use this tool http://wordflip.110mb.com
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@mistissa (1348)
• Netherlands
28 Aug 07
Ok thank you for sharing, but what is the use of a tool like that to flip words around? I am not sure what one would use it for. Could you explain a little more about it?
• Philippines
28 Aug 07
well if someone reads the flipped words without knowing the words are letters are flipped for sure sure they wont understand. can be used as a cipher. for example if you want to send a private message to a friend you can use this so that only you and your friend will be able to read it. un? s?i ?i ???
@tihsur (112)
28 Aug 07
thanks a ton, thats really a nice tool Please keep me inform if you got something more. Cheers