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September 2, 2007 6:14pm CST
I bought a baby chinchilla last week, because I've always wanted one and never had the extra money. I was so happy when I brought it home but to my suprise it pooped everywhere and almost constantly. My living room was a mess within 20 minutes. How do you stand having a chinchilla? and is this normal?
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2 Nov 07
Chinchillas do poop alot but its easy to clean up. A trick that I have found handy is to keep a hand vac handy. Since the poop is hard like a rabbits it can be vacummed up easily. The poor little critters have no control over that particular function so its nothing personal. I have at this second 4 adult chins, 2 10 week old chins and a 2 week old and they are great. A little poo to clean up is nothing compared to the enjoyment they can bring to your life.