The next time you want to complain about your airline...

@xfahctor (14128)
Lancaster, New Hampshire
September 5, 2007 10:47am CST
Now I am not one to poke fun at another's culture or beliefs, mine are considered strange by others too......BUT, the next time you want to complain about your airline....think about the story in this link
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5 Sep 07
Not included in the story is the following. After the animal sacrifice to the Gods for assistance in the repair of the aircraft, the crew passed out hand fans such as ladies once used to circulate the air on hot days. After take off the captain explained that he was slowing the aircraft to just above stall speed to conserve fuel. To further conserve fuel the passangers on the starboard side of the aircraft were to stick their right arms out the windows (especially modified to be rolled down) while holding their fans and flap their arms like the wings of a bird. Passengers on the port side were to do the same with their left arms. Supposedly, this saved much fuel as the plane crashed, reducing fuel consumption to zero. Thank-you for flying Nepal Air.