have to choose b/w hurting you physically or emotionally, what do you prefer?

hurting physically - physically hurt
September 7, 2007 2:10am CST
I would like to know what are your points of view regarding this matter, if for example people around you keep on hurting you by saying bad words or any unpleasant words toward you and its really hurting you deep in your heart, saying words that you cannot almost take it, what would be your reaction? Or do you want this to happen or you want this someone hurt you physically?For me I want that people to hurt me physically than emotionally, hurting me emotionally is like your burning my heart into the fire. Im not the type of person who can easily take the pain from what other people says to me. Im the type of person who wont easily forget pain you caused to me by words but hurting me physically is easy to forget. So what type of person are you? are a kind of person that rather choose to hurt emotionally or physically? why?Thanks for sharing your thoughts..
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@vijay1wdv (357)
• India
7 Sep 07
I will chose to hurt me physically. If someone hurts me psychologically i end up thinking about it for a long time. Likely to get depression. Will probably take a long time to recover from it than the time to recover from a physical injury.
• India
27 Jul 10
It is not good to hurt neither physically nor emotionally, physical pain one can forget soon but emotional pain is embedded deep inside heart, very difficult to heal.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
7 Sep 07
Im' the type of person that can forget some emotinal hurt but will not take phyical abuse at all. After a time even the emotional hurt goes so dee that I want nothing more to do with the person that does the emotional hurt. There are so may way that your loved ones can hurt. The worst I think to day right now is the hurt from being left out.
@lucy67 (819)
• China
7 Sep 07
if i have to choose between the two, i will also choose being hurt physically because physical pain is comparatively easy to bear. being hurt emotionally is hard to bear especially when the hurt comes from your friends and relatives.
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
Me, i also want to be hurt physically as wounds and scars will be lost after a months, but the pain brought emotionally are very difficult to release in the mind. We always remember those pain, whenever we have problems.We always remember it because it is not only placed in the mind but also in our heart, that is why we are being hurt emotionally.