Do you really love ur life partner?????

September 7, 2007 4:15am CST
ask urself n share with u.
3 responses
@SViswan (12071)
• India
7 Sep 07
Honestly, no. I thought I did till I realized that I didn't like the basic person that he is. He is rude and arrogant..and racist. He is not open to discussion and doesn't agree when people have an opinion different from his. I basically like all people until they show themselves to be bad people..I mean really bad with bad traits. Habits I can understand but basic bad traits...I can't handle that. So, having to live my whole life with a person who thinks that the majority of people in this world are bad is very difficult for me.
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
7 Sep 07
After 23 years of sharing, loving, arguing, nearly losing everything we had, illness, trials and tribulations....I cam say absolutely that I do indeed love my husband and that, even though some romance is gone, we are rock solid. He is still amazing to me and treats me very well and I hope he feels the same. We have grown together and shared so much - our parents dying, our one son almost dying from an illness, raising two kids, him almost dying from Chron's Disease, me losing most of my hearing, and ohhhhhhhhhh so much more. We got over every hurdle and there were times when we had bill collectors at the door, calling and driving us nuts that that things were strained. But we never lost the love. I do love my partner. I would be lost without him.
@donsky14 (5962)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
yeah I do. HIs my everything, my boyfriend, my bestfriend, my brother...everything. Im happy with him.