Korean language

@aspiritz (126)
September 7, 2007 6:28am CST
Hi there~ Anyone here knows how to speak in korean languages??or still learning or have the same interest in this language as me?? I'm currently still learning this language so i'm searching for someone who has the same passion for it and maybe we can share about our experience..hehe
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@julianarw (1524)
• Netherlands
21 Sep 07
Annyonghaseyo..... I also interest to learn korean languages. But i don't have much time. I know couple korean words, little bit. Because i like to watch korean drama very much :) Kamsahamida = thank you. Yoboseyo = hallo (if you talk in phone) Oke, i have to go now.
@aspiritz (126)
• Malaysia
23 Sep 07
Annyeonghaseyo!! haha.nice to meet u.i have started long ago and nw almost finish 1 book already.im so happy to master another language.heh.Kamsahamnida!!
• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
i don't like korean.lolz..are you going to study at korean?working there?or you just learn because it's your spare time activity?
@aspiritz (126)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 07
why u dn like??koreans language are fun..really lolz. erm..i learned tis bcoz it's my interest.i like the their language vr much.maybe mostly bcoz of korean drama.korean drama had became popular in our country. anyway,it's good to excel in more then 1 language.
@nghaipao (89)
1 Apr 08
Hilo... Why do you want to learn korean language? Are you planing to come here? if you want to learn or having any special purpose I am sure I can help you... But... sorry for my broken English we don't much English because we never speak that but we speak only Korean yea Sometime chinese also of course but not much... thanks...
@hhw521 (216)
• China
5 Mar 08
i plan to learn korean recently.
@iyamapa (259)
• Philippines
1 Jan 08
i a currently studying Korean language now... so i am like doing a lot of this practice for my students
@orange_ (40)
• Philippines
8 Dec 07
it is pretty easy to understand korean especially if you watch korean dramas. there are websites that teach you how to speak the language but believe it or not, it is much easier to READ korean (hanggul) than to speak. they have quite a few letters/characters as cimpared to chines or japanese which have overly complicated characters and very hard to memorize and understand.
@ebtenorio (765)
• Philippines
14 Nov 07
I share the same passion with you. As of the meantime, I have memorized the Korean alphabet and could read and write with it... :D
• Philippines
12 Oct 07
annyeong!!! yup, i love the korean language too! (well, only second to the japanese, but i still love it nonetheless)...i quite know some few words and greetings, since i'm hooked in watching korean movies and series and also listening to korean music. i think a big help in learning the languange is actually being with koreans who could help you. i just had some korean classmates, and they have taught me a lot of useful terms. aside from that, it's fun 'cause you get to befriend them and you could also teach them english (which most koreans have difficulty with). :)
@alamzaib (1287)
• Pakistan
2 Oct 07
I am trying to learn english. I think I can never learn Korean language especially that region languages.it will be too hard for me.
• China
27 Sep 07
Annyeong haseyo! Mannaseo bangawoyo! I've learned Korean for about 2 years.I learnd Korean but I don't like to watch Korean dramma.At the same time,I'm learning Japanese but I don't like Japan at all.I think it's very interesting to learn a new language.Enjoy yourself!