@dragan80 (920)
September 9, 2007 11:30am CST
the review website thing, that pays you for surveys and such anybody have it? it seems pretty dodgy to me, but if I really can get payed for just doing surveys I'll be pretty pleased.
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@jasonb72 (20)
28 Sep 07
I've been a ciao member for about a year and have made some money from them. The money you make from surveys varies. The lowest i've had was about 40p and the highest was £25. You can request payment when your account gets to £5. I usually make a request every 1 or 2 months. If you write plenty of reviews you will make some extra cash and also if you refer others. I think its worth signing up for.
@anonymili (3138)
17 Sep 07
Ciao - This is the Ciao logo
I have been a member of Ciao for several years now and have been paid whenever I request payment. If you rely on the surveys to make money you could be waiting a very long time. As well as receiving and completing surveys from the site you can earn money by writing consumer reviews and you earn money for every member that rates your review as helpful, very helpful or exceptional. I make a tidy sum of money from the site and have done for a while now. One can easily make more money there than on a site like this just by writing good quality consumer reviews and as with any similar site you have to do your fair share of reading and rating around the site yourself. I am a member of and as far as I'm aware they only pay money to UK bank accounts but there is also a Ciao in Germany...
@pumpkinjam (5801)
• United Kingdom
16 Sep 07
I'm on that one (as well as a number of others) and so far, I haven't had any payments from them. I've been on it a while and only rarely get surveys. And they only pay if you complete a survey which means if you don't fit into the category for a particular one, you won't get anything.
@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
9 Sep 07
I haven't joined Ciao yet but there are other survey sites which I earn money from. I have made a little over $200 from surveys and product testing alone, which is some nice extra cash.If you want to take a look at my blog I have a list of survey sites, most of them with payment proof. I still have to add more proof but have been busy, the sites listed are not scams and have paid their members(panelists). Good luck!:)