How many hours

@mistissa (1348)
September 9, 2007 2:46pm CST
How long do you sit behind the computer? How many hours do you use the internet? I mostly sit 2 hours behind the computer, but sometimes I am so busy doing stuff that the time flies haha
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• Philippines
4 Jun 08
Oh Me, I love wasting my time in front of the computer. Most of the time I stay online for over six hours.. Just by visiting other sites like mylot and organizing my email. I also like reading manga online and watch anime...well I'm a bit childish when it come to reading manga.. when I want it I have to read no matter what time it is.
@opinyon (18)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
hmmm, it made me realize that i've been staring at the monitor too long. hehehe... 20 hours when it's my day off, browsing and playing online games.
@bieke81 (1069)
• Belgium
27 May 08
If I'm not carefully I'm on the net all day long, trying to justify it by saying that I'm working. Hmm, it's true, but not always. I like playing too ;-) I trie to get a maximum of three hours a day working and one hour me-time. Oh well, it doesn't work always, but most of the days i'll listen to myself.
• India
7 Oct 07
I sit for about 2-3 hours on the computer. I use the internet for about an hour. And yes, time really flies.
@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
7 Oct 07
Well at college, my classes are 2 hours long and we have to sit at computers, then I come home and work on homework, that's about 3 hours, and then I check my email and stuff like that, so maybe 7 hours each day.
@daisymao (46)
• China
10 Sep 07
Everyday i use 8 hours behind the computer,and 4 hours use the interent,i use 1 or 2 hours in this,i see what is happen in world.In this,it is a very good channel,I can talk with everyone,and I can know what had happen in everone's life.
@TSx028 (77)
• United States
10 Sep 07
i go to school, go to soccer, do my homework, then talk to friends and surf the web until i go to sleep. unless there isnt anything good on tv ill be on the internet maybe 3-4 hours
@williamjisir (22902)
• China
9 Sep 07
I sit behind the computer for many hours from morning till night if it is my day off. I don't go anywhere except when I have to leave for my meals. The Internet is really over-addicting to me. I find life dull and uninteresting with the Internet/computer to surf the Internet.
@matte5 (1913)
• Sweden
9 Sep 07
Hello. I am coneted to internet 24/7 and are sitting with the computer at least 8 houers a day so I use it alot but I do work with it.