when the lightning and thunder strikes..

@eliezl (766)
September 11, 2007 8:29am CST
take this scenario, ur in ur pc or laptop surfing the net or simply doing ur stuff, typing, playing games, etc. when u hear the thunder..no ur not in an open field but in a residential area where u have many neighbors, and various establishments. ur inside ur living room or bedroom doing ur pc or laptop stuffs and heard the rumbling of the skies. what will u do? do u turn the pc or laptop off? or continue what ur doing? what made me ask this question is that, i have read in reader's digest about a family whose house was struck by lighting. and there's no storm at that time.. one of them whose doing pc stuff in the bedroom got struck and electrocuted since the house is in an open field. does it do the same in residential areas? im concerned of safety though since before ive read the book, i never turn off any appliance when there's lightning or thunder...i just ignore them and continue doing my stuff.
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
3 Apr 08
I always turn off my computer and monitor so the sudden possibility of a power surge will not damage either computer or my new monitor. It is advisible to do that to protect your computer and monitor both.
@eliezl (766)
• Philippines
6 May 08
thank you for the advice. ill make sure to do that as well in such situation. :)