Do you have hay fever?

@mistissa (1348)
September 11, 2007 11:04am CST
I have it myself and have had it ever since I was a small girl. Just now I was eating my dinner and all of a sudden my eye started tearing and getting ichy a bit. When looking in the mirror I saw my eye was all swollen again. I really hate hat fever, do you have it too?
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@sherry24 (252)
11 Sep 07
I suffered terrible as a kid. Mine was hayfever and conjunctivitis. My eyes where that badly gakky that I ended up in hospital for the night because I wouldn't let my mum put my drops in. They do reckon you grow out of it, I only suffer with hayfever now. 2 of my children have suffered with conjunctivitis, only the once (touch wood) though. It is quite an irritating thing to suffer with because there are some beautiful flowers around and you have to admire from afar. It would be lovely to be able to stick your head in a big bunch of flowers and have a great big sniff, like they do in the movies.