dogs howling at midnight - a signal that ghosts, spirits and undead would rise?

@secretbear (19476)
September 12, 2007 3:27am CST
there's a superstitious belief in our place which says that when dogs howl at midnight, it is a signal that ghosts, spirits, undead or anything like them would begin to rise and hunt people. also, dogs howl when they see them. in our old folklore, we have "aswang", man/woman who transforms at night into something scary and hideous and would eat people especially internal organs and babies. dogs howl when they sense these men and women transforming and howl even more when they see them. I can't say that I believe in this because it hasn't been proven true nor false and there are many testimonies of people claiming the existence of aswang. even some of my friends have their own aswang stories! ^__^;; but I think that there's no aswang anymore since we live in modern day now. ^__^ what about in your place? are there any superstitious belief there that are associated with howling dogs? would you believe them? ^__^