Do you write in a journal?

@Laurla98 (786)
United States
September 14, 2007 5:58pm CST
I just found a journal from about six months before I met my future husband. I also found a few entries about my daughter in the months after she was born. Then I have two more journals. One for each daughter that I started as a way of writing my thoughts as though I was talking directly to them. I'm not good at keeping up in my journals, but I'm going to start trying more.
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• China
15 Sep 07
A good idea,I'll try it.
@sylvia13 (1851)
• Nelson Bay, Australia
15 Sep 07
I started writing my journal 5 years ago, unsure of whether I would keep it up or not. Well, I am glad to say that I have and I only wish that I had started earlier! It is a good way to keep track of things and it is nice reading the entries afterwards, as one easily forgets details! I write every day and it is not difficult at all, on the contrary, I enjoy doing it! I am also including a little picture every day and it comes from Jigzone, so I can copy the picture into my journal and also do the jigsaw puzzle!
@gesell03 (173)
• Philippines
15 Sep 07
yes i do, even though some of my entries upset me, its a way to see how much i have changed, at what stupid ideas i have believed and come up with. and it helps me remember names of people i have met, situations that i have forgotten its still is relevant, and its my way of letting it all out. its good that you plan to keep your journals.
@raychill (6530)
• United States
15 Sep 07
I have a livejournal, online journal. I don't write in it much anymore but I've had it the past 6 years. It's always interesting to read what you used to write about. I'm not sure why I stopped writing. I think I just got busy and now I'm just used to not writing in it. It's a great place though cause it's a public journal. You can write privately but also make some friends and stuff. I've loved it the past 6 years.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
14 Sep 07
I don't write journal. Just daya ago, one of my colleagues sent me his journal link and I created mine, but I don't think that I have anything to write about as I seldom travel. Besides right now I am only interested in mylot which pays us for each participation and it is worth the time. hehe