What songs should Led Zeppelin do for the reuion concert?

@jend80 (2068)
September 15, 2007 3:37pm CST
Stairway or is that too obvious? Whole Lotta Love (properly not a medley of covers like they used to do) Going To California (because it's perfect on How The West Was Won) Your suggestions
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• United States
15 Sep 07
...They have to play Stairway to Heaven! I'd love to hear GALLOWS POLE, IMMIGRANT SONG, CELEBRATION DAY, SINCE I'VE BEEN LOVING YOU, HEARTBREAKER, WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, RAMBLE ON, WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE, BRING IT ON HOME, THE LEMON SONG, HEY HEY MOMMA(not sure that is the name of it, but I can hear it and that is how it starts), IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME (one of my favs), WALKIN' IN THE PARK, I think they need to play all of STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ALBUM. ...What a great concert it will be! ...Peace be with you. =(^;^)= Della
• Venezuela
15 Sep 07
^ In addition Over The Hills And Far Away and Dazed And Confused
3 Dec 07
I understand that the set list will consist of most of the old favourites although some of them have been rearranged. The guys' voices are not quite as *young* as they used to be :-)
• United States
9 Nov 07
There is not a song of theirs that I would not list. I would hope they played them all. I would sit there and listen as long as it took :) - Mike
• Canada
28 Oct 07
a whol lotta love, stairway to heaven,
• United States
15 Oct 07
Stairway may in fact be too obvious, if they held a concert without performing Stairway then there would be a riot! My personal favorite is "The Ocean" but I dont know if you can do that one with Jon Bonham behind those drums, Houses of the Holy is tremendous as well, and Brom Yaur Stompt. I think true Led Zep fans will know all their songs and they should not have to play hits to keep thier crowd singing along! PS Robert Plant is the best frontman EVER
@asdrust (17)
• Romania
16 Sep 07
good question ..:) but knowing that teh concert will last allmoust 2 hours they will have alot of time to sing many songs ..:D:) so its extremly possible that they will sing your favorite ...:D:P man ... i cant wait ..:P this is the ;ast time we can see them preforming on stage ...:P people where waiting for this for 19 years...