Conspiracy theory on population control?

September 16, 2007 12:41am CST
As some of you might know... I talk a lot about the need for population control if we are going to survive the climate change. I was just reading about conspiracy theories on mylot... and after reading this post... (recopied below)... I came up with my own conspiracy theory. What if the government was poisoning our food to make us sick and die in order to control population grow? Is this the solution to population control? While it might appear radical... it is also a very smart one if the survival of humanity depends on it. Recopied post from dxfanatic69 I have relatives over in Italy; they eat all the time, and a lot of it. Pasta, Breads, Wines, Meats, etc. - yet, they're so slender - my cousin - looks like a Nicole Richie look-a-like. Why? Because in America - our foods are packed with chemicals such as MSG that make you crave more of that food - therefore you eat more and get fatter. Guy who works for me who emigrated here from Mexico told me a few weeks ago that he came to the States, kept the same diet, yet gained 10 pounds in a month - he still ate rice, tortillas, brisket, etc. Why did he gain the weight? Because he ate chemically-enhanced American products. It's crazy. Yes, there are cures for cancer, diabetes, etc. - the government knows this and yet hides it.
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• Canada
19 Sep 07
Believe me nothing I hear surprises me anymore...and this doesn't sound too far beyond the realm of possibility at all. There are many Americans who are expressing concern about the increase in multi-cultural ism in the that and the government concerns about job loss, terrorism...all that fear-based thinking they get into..your theory could conceivably be a viable solution. Unsettling thought...but not too far out there for me to believe. I wholeheartedly agree about the idea that they have already discovered cures for the debilitating diseases you mention. My hubby and I have often theorized that they keep them hidden because cancer research and treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry. What would it do to the system if a cure was found? Heaven forbid they would begin putting funds into resolving their lack of a universal health care, creating homes for those who don't have them...rebuilding New Orleans...reducing the dependency on oil consumption...sadly we all know there is zero chance of that occurring. Another good post...always enjoy chatting with you and getting my 'thinker' going! Raia
• Canada
23 Sep 07
I have heard about keeping the cancer research hidden. But then, I am thinking again. Although there is an agenda to keep the result hidden, it won't be possible to keep it quiet all the time. As we know, humans tend to be greedy. If someone (i.e., a Scientist), for instance, thinks that he can find a cure for the cancer, there is a probability that he will let people know because he may become a famous person and his research (i.e., a cure for the cancer) can make him get dollars.
@friendship (2085)
• Canada
16 Sep 07
Aussies2007, Are you sure that a friend of dxfanatics69 is still eating the same diet? Did dxfanatics69 see that his friend is eating the same diet? I don't believe in conspiracy theory regarding this matter. FYI, "MSG or Ajinomoto, Vetsin, or accent, is a sodium salt of glutamic acid. MSG is a food additive, popularly marketed as a "flavour enhancer" -- People can choose whether their foods can contain MSG or not. Also, MSG is also applied to many foods from other countries such as Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, etc. Then, do you think such countries also want to poison their population? It is non sense!
• Australia
17 Sep 07
It is only a theory of what governments could do if they had to. It would not really work because if one country was wiping its population out... and the others did not... it would weaken itself towards those other countries. Besides... it is not the Western world which has an over population problem... even so we are getting there. The Australian government is actually giving thousand of dollars to people to encourage them to have children. Obviously our government is not worry about over population... even so we don't have the infrastructure for it. Just go to show that even Prime Ministers can act like children.
• Canada
17 Sep 07
Hi Aussies2007, Canadian Government is also offering more incentive to people who have kids under the certain ages. This is obviously encouraging their people to have more children. With regard to your conspiracy theory in US, I don't believe it at all. I have already explained it above. In addition, USA is the only country that accepts immigrants in a larger scale than other countries and they are still doing it now. Thus, your theory is non sense.
@Perry2007 (2229)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
Is going back to basica a long way to go, like the times when life was about farming and harvest what you cook for dinner at the back yard garden. The Japanese even in their cosmopolitan living manage to grow edible greens at their homes. You have a choise of what you put in your mouth to nourish yourselves. Leave the government and take care of yourselves.
@gwendovere (1283)
• United States
16 Sep 07
Yikes! And the scary part is that I believe there's a lot of truth to this!
• India
16 Sep 07
This is very bad