Have You Met These Kind Of People ?

@molusk (857)
September 16, 2007 3:53am CST
How patient are you in dealing with insensitive people ? I for one, have been dealing with a lot of these kind. Their insensitivity actually are brought about more by many outside factors like time, money or state of health,which can be understandable. But I have dealt with several people whom I believe it is in their nature to be insensitive, like they own the planet and they can do whatever they like. Have you met these kind of people and did your patience hold ?
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@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
17 Sep 07
I know of one now and she is insensitive when it comes to my weight. Even though she says its general conversation, i don't like people talking about my weight espeically if I have put on. I prefer that they just shut their mouth and not say anything unless they have something NICE to say. I have had a fallout with someone right now and even though I have apologised for it, she has taken it hard, so I may have lost a friend there, but that is ok, life goes on and i am ok with it.
@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
17 Sep 07
I can tolerate them on a distant level. But I do not let them get to close to me. I am very sensitive and insensitivity annoys me deeply.
@muscare (3069)
• Australia
16 Sep 07
I used to work in the retail industry, and have met more than my share of this kind of person. Being in that sort of work required me to have a lot of patience, and with some of the things I thought about these people, it is probably good that I didn't voice my thoughts!
@owlwings (40106)
• Cambridge, England
16 Sep 07
I try to be patient with this kind of person. Everybody has their own problems which cause them to sometimes behave in what seems a rude way. It is important to realise that they are probably not being intentionally rude. Very few people are intentionally rude to strangers - there must always be some factor or problem they have which one cannot know about that causes them to behave that way. This is very much the case on the Internet. People can behave in a very insensitive and rude way to total strangers simply because, especially in forums like this, communication appears more intimate than it really is. I don't know you, for example, yet I have a definite feeling of talking to you personally (because you have written your discussion in a conversational manner - as one should, by the way!) Many people 'skim read' the discussion before typing their answer and often do not try to put themselves in the place of the person they are responding to. Also, there are many more kinds of people here than one would meet in one's daily life and culture and belief differences may make them respond angrily or with insensitivity - not everyone is perfect or even cares to be! In all, one should make allowances for all sorts and never take impoliteness or insensitivity (especially on the Internet) personally. If you reason that the person cannot know you, so their response must be from the way they are and the way they think, it helps somewhat, I find. There are some people who can be so persistently rude and insensitive that I do not want to communicate with them because I feel that we have little in common. I always have that choice and it is better to say nothing than to give an angry retort to something someone may have said. Also, especially here and in emails, there is no necessity to reply straight away - there is always the option to give the matter some thought and to 'cool off' before writing a reply. Some people do not understand this and jump right in to express their anger, disgust, disagreement or whatever! Again, that is THEIR problem, not mine!