,,what should you do if you bestfriend betrayed you,,will you forgive him?

September 16, 2007 10:51pm CST
,,what might be your conclusion?if your best friend betrayed you?the story g0es like this,, ,,,,,you treat him as your own brother because any where you've got hes with you,you are sharing a lot of difficulties,gave and take thats why you really love you bestfriend,,,,, BUT ONE MORNING YOU NOTICED THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS TEASED WITH YOU,,,HE MAKE SOME BAD W0RDS SO THAT YOUR GIRL FRIEND WILL GET MAD AT YOU,,,,
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@kalav56 (11502)
• India
17 Sep 07
First of all remove the adjective'best' while referring to this friend. While a good friend cannot resort to cheap behaviour, the term'best' no longer fits this friend of yours. Let him just be an ordinary friend of yours and demote his status. If he is unhappy about it, let him come and ask, and then you can once again give him the privileged title. You can then tell him that you are unhappy and displeased with him. Another course of action would be to straightaway confront him with his stupid behaviour and tell him that you cannot consider him to be your best friend any longer. But, to cut a long story short, the moral remains-he is NOT your'best' friend.
• Philippines
19 Sep 07
,,,yeah he's not worthy to be my best'friend,but the problem is i lost him and my girl'friend,,,i feel so damn ryt now,,,,i dont know what should i do know now?thank you again,,,,im totaly suck,,,