Bad behaviour in the classroom

September 17, 2007 3:50pm CST
I work in a school and the behaviour is getting worse. How can we deal with it when the kids seem to be running the show?
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18 Sep 07
Our daughter is in secondary school. Generally parents are pretty supportive of teachers and back their punishments. Detentions after school though are frowned on because they inconvenience parents more than the kids! I agree though that st certsin chools some parents are far too quick to complain if their kids are punished and this puts the children in a very strong position with the teachers. Our daughters school is a bit old fashioned and one of the main punishments is lines. Tim
19 Sep 07
Yes Tim, the same happens in our school. Kids used to be kept after school but parents moan because they are kept waiting, which I suppose is unstandable to a degree, so at my sons secondary school, boys are kept after school the following night so that parents have been warned and in the school I work in, a primary school, kids are kept in at lunchtime straight after they have eaten. Even this isn't working really though. Think of me today, the teacher is out during the morning and I have the little darlings all to myself :-( I am dreading it and we are only in week 3!!!! We have some real rotters in there
19 Sep 07
Well the poo hit the fan today. The kids were pretty awful, mostly lead by one child in particular, who thinks he can rule the roost because his mum is in the school every 5 minutes complaining. All the teachers are worried when she comes in and because of this the boy gets away with too much. Well mum has to come in for a meeting in the morning with the teacher, me and SEN. I don't think things can go on like this much longer. Surely the school has to take back control and some time or another. She won't want to hear about his bad behaviour and then she will be tittle tattling to the other parents in the playground. I would love these parents to be a fly on the wall in the classroom and then they can see how their kids behave.
21 Sep 07
How did the meeting go? Hope you laid down the law!
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13 Mar 10
Hi, Scorpio2111. There needs to be a very strong teacher that does not take any kind of mess at all. This school needs someone that will stand up to these kids at their own level. And, the classroom needs a teacher that will put his/her foot down if need be. If they have cameras in the classroom it will make it better for principal to see what is actually taking place in the classroom.
13 Mar 10
Thankfully, the year 4 class I am now in has a very strong teacher, only 25 years old but very strong. She stands by her word, is very consistant, lets nothing go and we are having a better year all round!! These kids know our hands are tied and push their luck all the time. Things have gone a little crazy in the UK, we are not even allowed to raise our voices in the classroom.
@cher913 (25890)
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17 Sep 07
oh i know, i agree with daughters come home with stories about kids in like grade 1 swearing at the teacher! i would so hate to be a teacher these days.... its also tough because you cant physical with them (ie spanking) its a tough time we live in...
17 Sep 07
The thing is, the kids know that we can't shout at the or touch them, we can't even take them by the arm if they are fighting or having a strop. The parents are too quick to want to come in and complain. Some are ok but others want to have a go at the teacher because they don't want to hear that their little darling has been playing up. When I was at school, if I got in trouble I would get into more trouble about it when I got home. I don't remember my parents tearing up the school moaning about it. Some of the kids are awful. We have a new Head who does not want to hear us raising our voices! Sometimes that is the only way to get anywhere. It is a real worry working in the classroom. Some nights I go home worrying about what I have said, and whether the child or parent may take it the wrong way. The kids know all this and just seem to do whatever they want. The kids I work with are between 7 & 11, God knows what it's like in a secondary school.
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20 May 10
Complaints need to be made to the school and to the districts the schools are in. They have made so many policies now to safe guard against law suits that the teachers have barely any rights to discipline the children in school. Add in there homes with absent parents, be this from bad relationships to over workers etc. and the fact that every seems to feel it is OK to be friends with their kids instead of raising them. We hated our public schools policies and how things where handled, it was not the main reason we pulled our kids out top home school but was a large one in the decision.