As The World Turns - Speculations

@patgalca (14309)
Orangeville, Ontario
September 18, 2007 1:09pm CST
Something we are always doing - speculating. So, it looks like Alison might be pregnant - with Dusty's baby, no less. Thereby making it a) impossible for her and Aaron to be together because he will dump her again, and b) impossible for her to donate an egg to Gwen. So now we are back to Sophie's baby, the one Cole doesn't want but is too far into gestation to abort. And Gwen is furious about the possible abortion. So, I can see Gwen saying she will take the baby. But does she really want Cole's baby? Well, she cares more about the innocent child so perhaps she will take the baby, especially since Alison won't be able to provide an egg for them. What a twist with Noah, his father and Cherie! I love it! I hated that man the minute he showed up on screen. Now he is a wife abuser and a killer. Lily to the rescue? or Dusty? Oh, and they are back to that funky camera work again today. What is UP with THAT?!
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