Which Exercise and why?

gym - weight training exercise
September 18, 2007 1:47pm CST
which exercises you use to prefer and why?are you going for cardio exercises aerobics or weight training. of these exercises mentioned above which is the one you found to be the most suited for you and why
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• Philippines
17 Oct 07
The exercises that you have mentioned above are quite good and very suitable to anyone else and for those who would like to experience. Personally, I prefer walking and jogging as my own conventional way of exercising. As I am quite busy at work, I have a hard time doing some strenuous exercise. I usually wake up early in the morning, and at that point of time, I am starting to stretch out and warm up myself to prepare from jogging or running for how many kilometers. Have a nice day and God speed!
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• India
18 Sep 07
Instead of going for any modern forms of exercising I prefer doing the ancient Indian way of keeping fit and healthy. Its doing Yoga. There is little or no strain when you do these exercises and also they keep you light and energetic all through the day. People doing yoga exercises have found to be having greater memory, better resistance power and also a longer lease of healthy life. Yoga has become famous world over and its one of the best forms of exercise!
19 Sep 07
thank you for your response buddy. i will agree with you that yoga is getting popularity day by day. it have been used all over the globe.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
15 Mar 08
I do both exercises, cardio and weight training.. Cardio is to tone my body and weight training is to build up my strength.. PLus both cardio and weight training will build my endurance level too ^_^
@GreenMoo (11842)
14 Mar 08
I think the best exercise is something that you do every day naturally, like walking the dogs or gardening. If you can incorporate exercise into your daily life there is no need to go to classes, to buy gym memberships, or ponce around in fancy shorts. There's also more chance that it will become an ingrained habit and you'll continue to do it throughout your lifetime.
@shy_gal (235)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 07
I more like to play badminton and i also dunno why i like this exercise. Maybe last time my admirer like to play this exercise too, so i make me like to play it. If the exercise aerobics or weight tranining, i will prefer aerobics. maybe i am the person who like to jump here and there. Then, i also dislike the weight traning maybe i never go to do this exercise before also.