September 18, 2007 10:57pm CST
When we are loving each other,we have married.But daily life make our love be little and little.Who can tell me what I can do?
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@sang2k2 (1834)
• India
19 Sep 07
u love each other n ur married bt over aperiod of time it becomes monotonius so its better to move on for better as in to keep ur relation lively as evr it reuires an effort form both ends u n ur partner... n if u really love her u definatley shud make an effort to amke things go lively once again , give ur aprtner some surprises , like gifts , take her for candle light dinner spen quality time with her do sumthning she likes n which is unusal juz cheer her up .....all the best take care.
@asgtswife04 (2482)
• United States
19 Sep 07
Daily life can always be a struggle on a marriage. my suggestion to you is to live like it was your last day together each day and to live like you were still dating. set aside a special night once a week just for you and him. it gets better i promise
• Australia
19 Sep 07
My husband and I had been married for nine years and we been together for 11 years in total ! Our secret to a happy healthy marriage is that we never change the other person in any way !! We are each others best friend and we support each other in what we do !! We are honest to each other and always talk to the other when we have a problem come arise!! You never leave it till later as it will get worst!! Marriage is all about give and take with each other as you take the good with the bad!! You must work together as a team as that is what a marriage is all about!! There will be days where you think it all could be over but the next day it could be all roses !! I suggest that you sit you partner down and you both talk it out!!