How many September birthdays do we have here at MyLot?

United States
September 21, 2007 8:22pm CST
Hubby and I both have a September birthday, only a few weeks apart actually. I made a german chocolate cake for his birthday and today I made cupcakes for mine. The recipe I used made a lot more cupcakes than I thought it would and I would like to offer a cupcake to all the other members that celebrate their birthday in September. Happy Birthday to all the members born in September!
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• United States
22 Sep 07
Thanks for the offer! Since my birthday is next weekend I'll take you up on it. Yum German Chocolate is one of my absolute favorites. Happy Birthday to you and your husband and all the other myLotters celebrating their birthdays :D
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
22 Sep 07
Mine was today! =P Thanks for the cupcake, but seeing as I've been eating cake all day (my husband bought a big one even though it's just for me, him, and a baby), I think I might explode. Happy birthday to both of you! =)
• Philippines
22 Sep 07
My birthday was last September 5. I am really not sure if how many of us are celebrating their birthdays on September.
@patgalca (14756)
• Orangeville, Ontario
22 Sep 07
Both my brother-in-law and my husband's brother-in-law have their birthday in September. In fact they are the same day. They are the only September birthdays we have in our family. We have what we call Fall birthdays (October & November) and Spring birthdays (March, April & May). Those are where the bulk of the birthdays are in our families. So we celebrate the Fall birthdays at Thanksgiving (October here in Canada) and the Spring birthdays on Easter. My birthday is in October along with my mother, my niece, my nephew and my sister followed closely by early November birthdays of my late father and two other nephews. Happy Birthday to you and your hubby!