what's your opinions about marriage in internet games?

September 24, 2007 2:41am CST
you know that there are many games which can provide a chance for players to get married, for example, Audition, a game exploited by korean. have you ever get married with someone in the games? do you care such kind of marriage? if your bf or gf get married with some other people in the game, will you be jealous?
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@animestan (323)
• Canada
21 Mar 09
LOl i know what you mean bout this, i played Audition (singapore and north america) I kinda care and i will get jealous. One time, (didnt get married) but coupled and we did devolop relationships. But nonetheless it shouldnt be taken that seriously.
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
I think it's only a game and not to be taken seriously. I have a cousin who plays that game with his girlfriend (now wife). They started off marrying other people, but eventually they started questioning each other about having wives and husbands online and in the end stopped playing the game. *LOL* I think it depends with the couple, if they thing there's something more beyond games (well there are those who really look for their matches online) then maybe it's not advisable to try that. But otherwise, specially if you don't have a partner in real life, then why not. As for me, I wouldn't want to do so for me nor for my partner. I am a jealous type *LOL* (so as I say but he says I'm not). So I think I'd stick with our relationship offline. =)