do you have to wear your best clothes to church?

@jodenton (222)
September 24, 2007 3:49am CST
What do you wear to your place of worship? In Britain there is a tradition of your "sunday best" for church but I've never really felt the need. Surely God doesn't mind what you wear? I'm interested in your opinion!
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@meaculpa (339)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
In our place of worship, it is ideally to wear a decent dress. My family and I goes to church each Sunday to pray, adore, ask mercy and petition to the Lord. But most of all, our hearts should be at its best. For outer garments would be put to naught if our inner intentions are not at peace.
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
I don't go to churches anymore, since i prefer to worship Him by what the Bible has told me so. But as a response to your question, I don't think that it's important for God to what we should look like. Besides, it's what's inside us is what He sees. Even if onewears rugged or tattered clothes, as long as He sees our sincerity, then I don't see any particular reason why one should wear their best clothes inside churches..
@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
25 Sep 07
I suppose you don't have to, but I do and always have. I was always taught to look my best in the presents of the lord, which when you think about it is everywhere since he is everywhere. I don't go to any extreems or anything, and it is also a kind of social thing. When you get there in your jeans or what ever it is you were and other people are there and theyt are dressed nicer than you, what do you think they'll say and can you handle that week after week?
@clrumfelt (5428)
• United States
25 Sep 07
If I am going out anywhere to be around other people, including church, I want to look nice.
@Neriz69 (1042)
• Philippines
3 Oct 07
When we were young, we used to wear our Sunday's best. Now that I'm a grown up, I don't anymore, though I do wear modest clothes inside the church. I believe that it is my presence that is more important than the clothes I wear to church.
@runsgame (2033)
• India
28 Sep 07
sunday best i think is an best oppertunity not miss. pl go ahead
@Philxav (733)
• Malaysia
27 Sep 07
Oh course GOD dont mind as long as you wear something decent. But its you.. why do u go church? What you going to do there? and Who you going to meet there?.. So you know.. well you are going there to meet someone great..someone who holds your future.. someone who is going to protect you... and you know.. you go there to meet GOD. So being there with full of faith and be there in your best look will show how truly you want HIM in you.
• United States
26 Sep 07
I like to dress up sometimes, but I'm not convinced that God really cares what we wear so long as it's modest and not being worn to seek attention. Sometimes I'll wear jeans - a lot of folks in my church where camo. Some of the guys wear shorts. I don't think wearing a dress or suit changes a worshiping heart!
@magikrose (5423)
• United States
25 Sep 07
Well considering my place of worship is going for a nature walk or sitting under atree in my back yard if I could I would do it in my pajamas. I agree with you that God and Goddess really dont care what you wear as along as you are pure in heart and that you honor and respect them is all that matters.
@itkasp (266)
• Australia
25 Sep 07
Hi jodenton, your clothes does not need to be "sunday best", but I think they need to be clean and tidy. We come to church to worship, praise and pray to God. When you come to meet some famous people, surely you will put your best effort on the outfit that you wear. It is true that your heart is all that matter, but this is we come to God, who is bigger than some famous people. I think He needs more of our respect in come to Him.
@cefaz_21 (2597)
• Philippines
24 Sep 07
I agree, God sees through our clothes, He sees the heart and all our thoughts. We can very well get dressed and have the most expensice clothes every sunday but don't have the heart that worship Him truly I guess that's all in vain. But of course,since I am goping to church and I'm meeting people of God I like to dress nice too.One that is appropriate.